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What makes the LMU Master’s programme so special?

We offer a high-quality programme in research and apprenticeship, with a focus on excellence. Our faculty is organized into five fields of competency: Accounting, Finance & Insurance, Marketing & Strategy, Innovation and Leadership & Human Resources.

The high level of flexibility and the wide variety of options allows students to decide for themselves whether to focus on one field and become a specialist, or to choose a broader combination of courses and become a generalist. This decision does not have to be made at the outset: normally, students decide at the end of the first semester. There is similar flexibility with respect to the progression to higher postgraduate studies: after two semesters, students can (dependent on results) decide to switch over to the Master of Business Research programme, and so work towards a PhD.

Integrated project studies are central to the Master’s programme at LMU. Within small groups, students analyse real cases and work in close cooperation with the companies in question. Thus, we encourage students to think and act in an independent and solution-oriented fashion. As well as this, we are very international - the degree of Master of Science is a bilingual programme (English/German).

Finally, it must not be forgotten that Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is a booming and attractive economic hotspot with a high quality of life. In surveys of the “world’s most liveable cities”, Munich is ranked #7 for quality of life and #2 for infrastructure.

To assist you in understanding our approach, a short overview of the subjects we provide is given below: *


  • Profit and Loss Auditing
  • Fiscal Law
  • Taxes
  • Company Taxation

Finance & Insurance:

  • Risk Management
  • The Insurance Industry
  • Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Portfolio Management


  • Entrepreneurship
  • IP-Systems
  • Innovation Management
  • Digital Strategy in the Media Industry
  • Software Industry
  • Organizational Changes
  • Digital Goods
  • Media/Software/Telecommunication Industries
  • Network Effect Markets
  • Organization and Management in the Health industry **

Marketing & Strategy

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Negotiation Skills

Leadership & Human Resources

  • Human Resources Development
  • Incentive Structures
  • Industrial Relations / Institutions
  • Selection Processes
  • Competences
  • Teaching – Learning – Development

* List correct as of February 2010: this list is subject to change without notice and is not presented as legally binding.

** As of Winter 2010/11, Organization and Management in the Health Industry can be chosen as an option within all five competency fields.

You will find more information on the specific homepages of our institutes, and in the new university calendar.