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On this page you can see all the members of the Munich School of Management building with the institutes and facilities therein.

Kaulbachstr. 45
Kretschmer ISTO Room 203
Schwaiger IMM Room 103
Ludwigstr. 28 front building
Hess DMM Room 213a
Kranz DSS Room 209
Picot IOM (Research group) Room 210
Spann ECM Room 204
CIP-Pool Room 103
Economics and Business Library Room 109
Dean's Office Room 004
Business Administration Exams (ISC) Räume 020, 023
International Relations Center IRC Room 013
IT department (FIT) Room 013a
LMU Management Alumni Room 006
Student representatives WASTI Room 007
Ludwigstr. 28 rear building
Elsas IFB Room 514
Hofmann IUC Room 502
Leidl HEM Room 507
Högl ILO Room 402
Schanz Taxation Room 414
Sellhorn RWP Room 419
Meyer Marketing Room 325
Mühlemann HRM Room 309
Tuschke ISM Room 303
Weber Wipaed Room 308
Schackstr. 4
Richter INRIVER Room 301
Glaser KMF Room 007
Sundmacher HSM Room 001
Weller HCM Room 001 B